SRT’s executives have successfully grown, scaled, and then ultimately exited a sports technology start-up. The journey has equipped the team with firsthand experience and insights into the intricacies of the global sports technology ecosystem. Coupled with the team’s extensive networks, SRT is uniquely positioned to assist rights holders, brands, and athletes in achieving industry-leading standards through the application of cutting-edge technologies.

Emerging technology allows SRT’s clients to optimise existing rights and create new rights. SRT are experts in understanding the rights architecture within this landscape, which is the primary and key component in unlocking the value created by new technologies. SRT will ensure that clients and their respective stakeholders fully understand what rights they own in order to commercialise in the digital world.

SRT also understands the Web 3 and tokenisation rationale for Sport, and are perfectly positioned to help rights holders leverage this rationale to achieve more:

  • DATA

The key services SRT are able to assist with under their Web 3 and Tokenisation Advisory include:

  • Web 3 and Tokenisation Strategy Development
  • Metaverse Membership Innovation
  • Key Stakeholder Workshops and Education
  • RFP Preparation and Execution
  • Working Group Establishment
  • Rights Audit
  • Asset Selection/Criteria
  • Bid Evaluation Process
  • Advisory on ongoing Rights Management System

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