Successful commercialisation of intellectual property requires a systematic and well-planned approach that integrates legal, business, and strategic considerations.

SRT assists clients to continuously monitor and adapt their IP strategies to maximise the value of their intellectual property while mitigating risks and having a positive social impact.

SRT has extended its capabilities by aligning closely with Sport Purpose Impact to expand the services to help rights holders, brands, athletes, and governing bodies unlock the potential of their IP and platform to:

  • Create meaningful, purpose-driven partnerships.
  • Build new revenue streams in a sustainable and responsible manner.
  • Deliver positive social impact

Changing the Value Proposition

Implement a framework that focuses on “Return on Investment” + “Return on Impact”.

Establish transformative partnerships that not only generate high return on investment but also deliver positive social impact. This shift in focus presents an opportunity for rights holders to genuinely position themselves as highly desirable entities in relevant social impact areas. This significantly increases the value of their unique intellectual property, reshaping the entire value proposition.

No longer it is solely a numbers game, measuring sponsorship success on number of eyeballs. The framework prioritises the creation of meaningful connections with the target audience. Success is now measured by the depth and authenticity of these relationships, transcending mere exposure to cultivate a lasting and impactful relationship with the audience. This transformation highlights the changing landscape of sports sponsorship and branding, where the focus has shifted towards high-quality engagement; and social impact & significance redefining how we assess the value of sports assets and sponsorships.

Services include:

  • Rights Identification
  • Rights Architecture
  • Rights Analysis
    Rights Advisory
  • Licensing & Commercial Modelling
  • Brand Identity Commercialisation
  • Purpose-Led Sponsorship Sales
  • Purpose-Led Brand Strategy
  • Athlete Ambassador Procurement
  • Commercial Sponsorship Strategy
  • Impact Measurement Reporting